One of the most important parts of our meeting is the when we go around the room and say, “I have a referral,” or, “I have a testimonial for our fellow members of the chapter.” Our goal is to bring a referral for a member of our chapter each week. These are 5 tips from Dr Ivan Misner for passing good referrals:

  1. Listen to other people’s needs. Keep the testimonials you’ve heard in mind.
  2. Ask them if it’s okay for your BNI colleague to call them. If the prospect isn’t interested in receiving a call, that person may not be a good referral.
  3. Be entirely honest about what you know about both people. If your fellow BNI member charges high rates, say so. If you don’t know much about the prospect, say that, too.
  4. If the referral is hot, pass it right away. Don’t wait for the BNI meeting. Your colleague could miss an opportunity.
  5. Don’t give marginal referrals. Bad referrals hurt your reputation in the chapter. High-quality referrals are more likely to turn into sales.