Dr. Misner first coined the term “Contact Sphere” in 1994. BNI members have wanted to take that idea further, which led to the creation of Power Teams.

  • A Contact Sphere is a group of symbiotic professions who have a good opportunity to provide referrals to each other.
  • A Power Team is a group of individuals who have actively committed to generate business for each other.

Only BNI members for whom you can regularly generate business (and vice versa) should be on your Power Team. Recommendations for a Successful Power Team Meet with your Power Team weekly, or at minimum every other week. Have a chairperson for the meeting. Have each member describe a good referral. Brainstorm ways to get others in the Power Team involved in each project.

An effective Power Team generates more referrals for the rest of the chapter as well as for its own members.

Learn more by listening to the podcast here.