Update Your Bio Online!

Whether you’ve been a Business Booster for a week or a decade, there’s always more we can learn about one another. That’s why it’s great to have regular 1-2-1 meetings.

BNIConnectGlobal has some great tools that we all should be taking advantage of. To begin, we should all havecomplete and up-to-date bio’s there. For those of you with incomplete bio’s (and that’s most of us!), here’s a quick step-by-step to get you going. Let’s all commit to doing this, as this is where our bios for our 10 minute presentations will come from:

1) Once you’ve logged into BNIConnectGlobal, click on the “Update Profile/My BNI Page” link:

step one bni connect bio

2) Click on the 5th tab in (it looks like a piece of paper) to edit your bio:

step two bni connect bio

3) Be sure to complete every section! Trevor will read this part, so make sure it’s all there—otherwise he’s going to make something up!

step 3 bni connect bio

4) You have space to put in two of your 45-second commercials here. This is great if you get a last minute sub and want to have something to give them.

step four bni connect bio

5) Complete your GAINS profile: Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, and Skills. Networking is all about knowing each other well, and sometimes an interest, hobby, or other network can stimulate lead ideas!

step five bni connect bio

6) Finally, complete your Tops profile. This is a great way to let fellow BNI members know what kind of work you’re looking for. Specific is Terrific!

step six bni connect bio

7) And click that “Update” button!!

Having this information up to date shows BNI Global that you are looking to do business with more than just our chapter. I know I’ve gotten leads from BNI Connect, and so can you! Let me know if I can help you if you’re having trouble with the website!